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London WattCon 2016

I’ve never been to a writing convention. Hell, I’ve never been to ANY kind of convention. When I hear the word, it makes me think of cosplaying and merchandise and actors in booth offering autographs and photos for a fee.

I’m guessing a writing convention isn’t quite like that, but the only way to find out is to go to one.

London Wattcon 2016, an event in which Wattpad writers, readers, staff, and ambassadors meet up to talk about all things Wattpad, takes place Saturday December 3rd, and I am proud to say that I am going to be on the panel! That’s right, guys and dolls. I went from planning to go to my first convention as an audience member to being offered a place on the authors’ panel.

If ever there was a squeeeee moment, this is it, especially since Taran Matharu, author of the Summoner series and one of my current favourite authors, will also be on the panel. So not only do I get to go to a convention for the first time, I also get to legitimately fangirl for the first time.

And in yet another first, I have actual book swag to give away.


Pretty, lovely magnets for my wonderful fellow Wattpadders!

For most of this week so far, I have been veering between wild enthusiasm and gibbering nervousness, so let’s hope enthusiasm wins out on the day, or I won’t be much of a panellist.

Bring on Saturday!!!